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Wrestling Prayer



Wrestling Prayer is filled with practical ways to help you build a stronger prayer life.  A lot of us feel defeated in our spiritual life.  Many of us have tried praying without success, and our expectations of God diminished as a result.  For much of my Christian journey, this was how I felt in my prayer life - frustrated and discouraged.  But over the past few years, I’ve learned some important things about prayer that have revolutionized my spiritual walk.  Prayer can’t be baked down into a step-by-step recipe or cookie-cutter formula.  But there are some Biblical principles that, when applied to your personal prayer life, can revolutionize your experience with a God who hears and answers prayer.  If you are feeling lackluster in your prayer life, don’t miss this challenging and inspiring book!

Bravehearted Gospel



The Bravehearted Gospel expresses the foundation of everything that Leslie and I believe.  It’s the “deeper message” behind all that we speak, write, and teach. And it presents an urgent message for the modern church.  Leslie and I believe that American Christianity is in crisis. Once upon a time, Christianity was the stuff of legends and loyalists were spiritual and moral revolutionaries, the kind of men and women who turned the world upside down.  But over time, something has happened to that once fervent and bravehearted band who dared to be called Christians.  Many today have inherited a faith that has no real life or power.  Instead of zeal there is apathy.  Instead of courage there is timidity.  And instead of confidence there is paralyzing doubt.  Something has to change.  For all those hungering for a spiritual revolution, there is an ancient blood-stained trail, trod by the greatest men and women in history, beckoning us to once again explore its epic and grand terrain.  For all those hungry for a Christianity that actually works, a faith that reforms the human life and possesses the power to rescue this dying world, this trail mustn’t be ignored.  For it is the path of heroes and of real-world change – it’s the path of the Bravehearted Gospel.  This book can super-charge your spiritual life and awaken you to the power of the Gospel like never before!

When God Writes Your Love Story



This book has provided the foundation for a whole new way of thinking about relationships among today’s younger generation. Rather than building a love story the way the world does (with a few Christian morals tacked on for good measure) this book introduces readers to a far superior way of building a love story…God’s way. After all, God is the One who invented the concept of romance in the first place! And God doesn’t need to imitate the world’s way of building a relationship…He has His very own perfect, amazing, beautiful way of writing a love story, and it is far more fulfilling and romantic than anything Hollywood could ever concoct. Leslie and I believe that the foundation for an amazing, lifelong love story begins even before you meet your future spouse, by allowing the Author of romance to script your love story and show you how to love like He loves. Rather than chasing after temporary relationships, this book challenges readers to give the “pen” to God and allow Him to script their love story in His own perfect time and way.


In this book, we take readers through the “Four Secrets to an Amazing Love Story” – practical things that you can do now to prepare for a love story that will go the distance. From learning to love your spouse even before you meet them, to understanding the difference between mere abstinence and true purity; from practicing the skills of tenderness and selflessness that will make you a superhero spouse, to experiencing God’s best in your single years; from understanding renewed purity to making your parents your teammates – this book is loaded with inspiration, motivation, and practical insight for experiencing a God-written love story.



When God Writes Your Love Story has shaped an entire generation’s thinking in regard to romance and relationships. If you want to experience the very best God has for you in this area of your life – don’t miss this important message!


“Creative, challenging, intuitive, and inspirational!”

Joe White, president, Kanukuk Kamps


“Straightforward and unabashed. This book will help you gain a new perspective on romance God’s way!” 

Beverly LaHaye, Concerned Women for America


“If you want to build a God-honoring relationship, you can’t afford to miss this book.”

Les and Leslie Parrott, authors of Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts

When Dreams Come True



Whenever anyone says to us, “So tell us about your love story” we tell them to read When Dreams Come True. Our love story, in our humble opinion, was (and is) one of the most amazing in the history of the world. Not because of our own romantic ability – rather, because God Himself scripted the details. All of the struggles, doubts, hopes, fears, failures and triumphs of our relationship are captured in this book. During our single years and throughout our love story, Leslie and I both kept detailed journals, which we drew from when putting this book together. As a result, this story provides an intimate peak inside our hearts and minds during the process of building a God-written love story. It’s written like a novel, but the story is true. If you want a clear example of what a Heaven-built romance can look like, this is the book for you. If you have ever struggled with the idea of giving God full control of this area of your life, this book will offer you a refreshing vision of hope.


“This book will help young people navigate the relationship minefield with their character and integrity not only intact – but soaring!”

Bill McCartney, founder of Promise Keepers


“In a world where true love is so often replaced by heartache and one-night stands, Eric and Leslie offer a vital message of hope that we desperately need to hear!”

Josh McDowell

Set Apart Femininity



Girls! Do you long for something more than the shallow, self-focused, pleasure-seeking femininity so prevalent today? Do you want a focus beyond chasing male approval and pop-culture appeal? Do you need a fresh vision of God’s amazing purpose for your life as a young woman? Are you ready to become one of the few in this generation who will make an eternal impact upon this world? 


Discover set-apart femininity.


This is a powerful, candid, conversational book in which Leslie passes on a compelling vision for femininity that can forever alter your existence and take you far beyond the unfulfilling trends of modern culture. This book is not the same old mediocre message you’ve always heard. It’s a radical call to a counter-culture lifestyle in which every aspect of your femininity – from the way you relate with guys to the focus and direction of your life – is shaped by an intimate relationship with the King of kings. It’s the kind of heroic femininity that the world-changing women of history understood. And it’s well within your grasp, no matter where you’ve been.


This book tackles key issues you’re facing today, like:


* unlocking God’s sacred call upon your life

* understanding God’s pattern for true feminine beauty

* captivating the heart of a Christ-like guy

* aligning your daily existence with God’s priorities

* finding real fulfillment by living a poured-out life


Get ready to experience the lost art of set-apart femininity – and find what you’ve been searching for.

Authentic Beauty



For most of my young adult life, I had known Jesus Christ only as the One who had saved me from my sins. I had been looking to an earthly romance to fulfill the deepest desires of my heart. I had been searching for an earthly prince to rescue me, to carry me away to his castle, to love and cherish me forever – to fulfill my feminine desire for tender romance. Like so many modern young women, I gave myself to one shallow relationship after the next, only to end up lonely and heartbroken. I looked to human relationships to meet needs in my heart that only Jesus Christ was meant to fill.  Until Jesus Christ becomes the Lover of our soul - the very center of our existence - we will always be looking in the wrong places to fulfill our feminine longing for tender romance.  We will end up broken-hearted and disillusioned, time and time again.  Christ alone can truly fulfill the desires of our heart.  Authentic Beauty is a personal and practical book about becoming a set-apart young woman in today’s perverse generation.  It explores the boundless opportunities God has for the life of a young woman who makes Christ the first love of her heart and allows Him to shape every aspect of her existence.


“Leslie Ludy hits the mark in challenging high school and college-aged women to live a ‘set-apart" life’ Skillfully combining Scripture and common sense to demonstrate the "how" of biblical femininity...”

CCM Magazine


“Leslie Ludy effectively employs the power of her own story to show young women in a practical way the romance of a lifetime with their Savior, Jesus Christ…It is a book all young women will want to read.”

Christian Retailing


“A precious gem of a book by a princess of an author.”

Beverly Lewis, New York Times bestselling author

God's Gift to Women



I’m not a guy that's all hyped up for grunting and giving off foul odors, I’m a guy that is passionate about men being true men. And I'm convinced that true manhood, polished by the hand of God, is nothing short of an awe-inspiring gift to womanhood.


Contrary to the vibe that a title like Gods Gift to Women gives off, this book is not merely about how men can more effectively relate to women. I believe that we as men can never hope to become a gift to women until we gain a complete vision of Christ-built manhood. We live in a generation of burpin' and scratchin’ male mediocrity. Most of our modern-day examples of manhood are self-serving, perverted, and depraved. We are taking this second-rate version of masculinity into our marriages, our families and our lives as men. I believe we need a new standard for masculinity  a standard that is not shaped by our culture, but by the very person of Jesus Christ. That standard is the core of this books message.


If you were hoping for a book about relating to women, don't worry; there is plenty of that subject covered in the upcoming pages. But for us to learn to effectively relate to women, we must first learn to effectively relate to the Creator of women  Jesus Christ. We must learn the world-altering secrets of Christ-built, warrior-poet manhood. If you are a guy interested in discovering amazing, culture-shaping masculinity  don't miss this book! And if you are girl interested in motivating the guys in your life toward something better  don't miss this book!

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Biblical Study Guide | Preparing for Covenant

When God Writes Your Life Story



Today’s young people long to live a life that really counts. But often, they don’t know how. Too many in the younger generation live an aimless, purposeless existence – lacking direction, focus, and passion. They are desperately seeking answers to the riddles of life…Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing? And how am I supposed to get it done? This book helps you tackle these daunting questions. It provides a practical roadmap into the boundless potential of a Christ-built life. It’s more than a book about finding your purpose; it’s about the life-altering effect that God—the Author of adventure—can have upon your purpose.


What ever happened to historical, world-altering Christianity? This book seeks to introduce modern young people the heroic existence of Christians in history past. Leslie and I believe that the Christian life isn’t meant to be dull and predictable, but the greatest adventure of all time. This adventure turns ordinary young men and women into heroes for Truth; top-level agents in the service of the Most High God. It transforms the impossible challenges of life into amazing opportunities to see the power of God at work. It awakens an aimless generation to a whole new kind of existence – an existence scripted by the God of the impossible. Highly motivational yet extremely practical, When God Writes Your Life Story features a hands-on Field Guide section, highlighting the Seven Landmarks of a God-scripted adventure to help you reach new heights in vital areas such as goal setting, personal development and spiritual growth.


For a generation longing to live a life that counts, this book opens a whole new world of possibilities. Get ready to discover how breathtaking the adventure can be…when God writes your life story.

First 90 Days of Marriage



Leslie and I believe that a thriving marriage, not just a surviving one – should be the aim of every couple. The first few months of a new marriage is like the “wet concrete” stage of a relationship – the habits, both good and bad, lock into place. Roles become defined. Communication methods settle themselves in for the long haul. Sexual and emotional intimacy gets off to either the right or wrong start. Every couple has a choice of how they are going to begin their proverbial ride into the sunset. If you proactively maximize your first 90 days of marriage, you will avoid years of heartache, disillusionment, and having to “un-learn” all the wrong habits that were set in those early months.


Marriage is serious business. It’s intense, it’s challenging – it’s important work. However, we hope this book will display that marriage is also romantic, fun, and full of magical wonder. Marriage will likely be one of the hardest things you will ever do. But marriage should also be one of the most enjoyable things you ever do. This book is full of practical insight with chapters such as “How to Stay Madly in Love Through Life’s Ups and Downs”, “How to Tackle Life as a Team” and “How to Build the Ultimate Romantic Sanctuary”. Leslie and I greatly enjoyed writing this book, and we pray it will help young couples everywhere lay the foundation for a God-scripted, ever-after relationship that only gets better with time. Whether you are soon to be married, have been married many years, or simply want to gain God’s perspective for marriage in your single years, we believe you’ll greatly benefit from this book.

The Lost Art of True Beauty



In today’s sex-obsessed society, pop-culture’s idea of feminine beauty seems to be all about looking like the hottest models, movie stars, or pop-singers.  But the end results are often tragic - overwhelming insecurity, eating disorders, and sexual promiscuity.  This book presents a whole different vision for feminine loveliness as god intended it to be - the breathtaking radiance of a young woman who has been transformed by Christ from the inside out.  This book offers lots of practical advice about how to:


  1. 1.*Showcase Christ’s beauty in the way you dress, act, and live

  2. 2.*Overcome insecurity and see yourself as God sees you

  3. 3.*Become attractive to the right kind of guy

  4. 4.*Build your femininity on God’s values instead of the world’s

I am very excited about this new book and hope that it will lead you on a life-changing journey to becoming a woman of feminine grace, inner radiance and timeless appeal!

Sacred Singleness



Are you single?  Do you struggle with discontentment, impatience, and the constant pressures of pop culture?  This book will introduce you to God’s pattern for sacred, purpose-filled, world-changing singleness.  This message will inspire you to discover a passionate romance with the ultimate Bridegroom - a romance that will satisfy the deepest desires of your soul, whether married or single, Sacred Singleness will show you how to:


*Let God script your love story in His own time and way

*Overcome loneliness and jealousy towards friends getting married

*Triumph over the temptation to settle for less that God’s best

*Enjoy a fulfilling life before you meet your husband

*Handle the fear of being single for life


With inspiring firsthand testimonials from both modern and historical single women and a comprehensive guide to serving the least and lost around the world, Sacred Singleness will awaken you to God’s amazing plan for the single season of your life!

Answering the Guy Questions



Answering the Guy Questions is a powerful book that tackles some of the toughest relationship questions I get asked by young women.  If you have ever been discouraged, disgusted, depressed, or even defeated by the state of modern guys, this book can infuse you with vision, hope, and a practical means of doing something about it!  This book shows young women the significant role they plan in helping guys discover true manhood as God intended it to be, in all of its glory, strength, nobility and honor.  This book is extremely practical - tackling key areas such as guy/girl friendships, physical and emotional boundaries, modesty, flirting, and laying the foundation for a God-scripted love story.  A great book for small group discussions - appropriate for younger teens yet relevant for college age and older.

Meet Mr. Smith



This is a book unlike any other. Its premise is “finding great sex”, but this is not your typical Christian sex book. In an allegorical fiction-esque style, this book creatively investigates God’s ancient blueprint for lasting romance and (ahem) incredible sex. (Don’t worry, the content is not graphic or gross!) Whether you are single or married, this book provides the missing ingredients to that create truly fulfilling love, sex and romance. We can’t say much more about it without giving away the secret of this book, but here are some comments from a few readers who got their hands on the pre-published manuscript:


Meet Mr. Smith is… 


Ingenious! (Becki, 28)  |  Absolutely phenomenal (Ryan, 27)

Awe-inspiring (Rachel, 21)  |  Deeply touching (Amy, 28)

A masterfully woven story (Melody, 31)  |  Fabulously creative (Corey, 29) 

A treasure trove (Bethany, 22)  |  Enchanting (Lindsay, 27) 

Everything I want (Levi, 23)  |  Compelling (Jessica, 20) 

A taste of Heaven on earth (Kendra, 22)  |  Utterly remarkable (Ben, 20) 

An incredible twist (Sarah, 22)  |  Fresh and Funny (Tim, 22)

Magnificent and more beautiful than a fairy tale (Courtney, 20)

Teaching True Love to a Sex-at-13 Generation



God has so much more for our children than pop-culture conformity, spiritual atrophy, and sexual preoccupation. But for our kids to be numbered among the rare few that push aside the mediocre life of selfishness and press forward into God’s endless frontier, they need parents who are unwilling to let them settle in the land of compromise. Great parents, submitted to the vast potential of God, raise up great children. As Leslie and I have traveled this country and interacted with countless young people, we have heard the desperate desire for godly teammates echoed over and over again among the younger generation. Our prayer is that this book will equip you, as a parent or leader, to become the answer to this generation’s most urgent need.


If the younger generation is ever to escape the slime of the culture and experience vibrant successful relationships and marriages, they need parents who will rise to the challenge and point them to God’s highest. We pray that this message will inspire you to embrace that sacred call. This book is not written from a parent-to-parent perspective. Rather, this book is written from the perspective of the younger generation. We want this book to serve as a voice to you from today’s young people. We want to help articulate their perspective and help you better understand what they need and desire from you as parents and leaders. We pray the words contained within these pages will give you a vision for your amazing role in the transformation of a generation, and offer you the practical tools to see that vision become a reality.


Note: This book is also a great tool for young people who desire to reach their own peers, or those a few years younger, with God’s perspective on romance and relationships.


“This book is a blaring wake up call to parents of teenagers, a valuable tool to help parents navigate the treacherous waters of adolescence.”

The Dallas Morning News