Sunday Morning 10:00 AM

The Church at Ellerslie
655 Southwood Lane
Windsor, CO 80550

email: [email protected]
phone: 970-686-9022

The Church at Ellerslie is located in the chapel building at the northern most point at the Ellerslie campus, in Windsor, Colorado. We are approximately an hour north of the Denver Airport, two hours from Colorado Springs, and 45 minutes from beautiful Estes Park, Colorado.


The Church at Ellerslie is a campus fellowship designed for the serious discipleship of eager Christians.

At the Church at Ellerslie we believe that Scripture is, in fact, the very Word of God—and we consider His revealed Word timeless, eternal, correct on all matters, central on all issues pertaining to life, and authoritative in deciding all disputes.

We are about Jesus—with a desire for a singular devotion to His glory and pre-eminence. We are a fellowship interested in not just knowing about Jesus but truly knowing Him personally, intimately, and joyfully.

We are about deep inner discipleship, longing to see all those truly willing to go to the depths with Christ fully equipped and encouraged to do so.

We believe that the true church triumphant throughout the ages has been marked by an entire consecration unto Jesus Christ with lives operated, controlled, and fueled by the Holy Spirit of Almighty God, and, therefore, we seek to facilitate such a reality within all those that attend.

As a church, we believe we are called to build up saints and soldiers with the full knowledge that many of them may be called out to spend their lives for the lost, the downtrodden, the oppressed, the poor, the widowed, and the orphaned around the world.

We are a church on a mission—to establish the reality, the power, and the pre-eminence of Jesus Christ squarely in the midst of our darkened culture.

We are not seeker-sensitive and we are not a post-modern Emergent gathering. We are Canon-minded believers that seek to live out a historic Christianity hallmarked by real-world action, real-world holiness, and real-world joy. We believe that God hasn’t evolved and that His Truth is unchanging—so, with the enabling power of the Holy Spirit, we seek to live out the Gospel triumph with bravehearted daring and to see the lost found, the blind see, the lame walk, and the entire arrogant race of men bend their knee and acknowledge our God as King

As a campus fellowship, we are not denominationally affiliated; however, if you wish to look deeper into our particular beliefs as a church, please visit our statement of belief page.