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Power Over Sin

Overcoming Sin

Sunday, April 8, 2012
The Cross supplied more than mere forgiveness from the penalty of sin; it supplied liberty and release from the power and control of sin. In this message, Eric Ludy animatedly enunciates this concept in a fresh, powerful, and deeply inspiring way. This message is a robust meditation on the life that many of us desire but few of us have been bold enough to actually pursue in faith. Oh, that the saints of God would rise up and once again live in light of the mighty work of the Cross!

The Manifold Wonder of Grace

Sunday, December 9, 2012
It may sound cliche, but grace is truly amazing. In modern times, the term grace has been distorted into a creative covering for fleshly behavior and ongoing sin. But a Biblical examination of the word yields an understanding of grace as something much different—something of majestic power and strength that is able to separate a man from his fleshly behavior, eradicate the power of sin over his life, and rescue him for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Reckoning With Truth

Sunday, October 31, 2010

This last week was an extraordinary one on the Ellerslie campus. God's presence was sweet and intimately near, but also deeply soul-searching and convicting. It was an entire week on our faces, beholding the holiness and yet also the amazing grace of our Beloved. Amidst this campus- wide revival, the enemy attempted with great energy and ammunition to counter the forward steps of the saints. This led to a showdown, a classic gunslinging shootout between the best lies of Hell and the best Truths of Heaven. This message is an introduction to the facts that never fail, the Word that never returns void, and the Truth that truly does make the Christian free. Because in such a showdown—the Cross of Christ always proves victorious.

In Christ

Sunday, October 23, 2011
At Ellerslie, this is THE message. A semester at Ellerslie is a constant refrain of this extraordinary Truth. Eric Ludy is constantly asking his students, "Where are you spiritually located?" And the answer to that question defines the level of spiritual health that our soul enjoys. The Gospel power hinges on the believer being "in" Christ—not "near" Christ, "on" Christ, or merely "within earshot" of Christ. When you truly grasp the substance of this message, the Christian life finds its wings and begins to fly.

The Mystery of the Body

Sunday, January 9, 2011
This particular message could easily transform your life. It addresses one of the most important themes in all of Paul's Gospel training and effectively demystifies some of the most complex notions of sin, the flesh, the old man, the indwelling Spirit, and the body. For those of you who have struggled to fully grasp some of the grand themes in many of Paul's writings, this message will help to remove scales from your spiritual eyes.

Provision for the Impossible

Sunday, November 13, 2011
This is an inspiring illustration of how to both approach Scripture and unpack the beautiful mysteries of Scripture. At Ellerslie we are always declaring that everything in the Old Testament points to Jesus. Eric Ludy takes a singular story in the Old Testament regarding the person of Moses and the newly budding Israelite nation and demonstrates how this one seemingly innocuous story powerfully demonstrates how our life in Jesus Christ ought to work. Everything in the Bible really does shine forth the power and majesty of the Gospel of Christ.

Daring to Ask For More

Sunday, December 5, 2010
There is a common spiritual ache that bonds those of us at Ellerslie together, and that is the longing for more of Jesus Christ. We all, at various points within our spiritual journeys, have wondered if what we see of modern Christianity is all God intended it to be. The question, "Is there more to this thing called Christianity?" pokes at us all. And here in Windsor, Colorado, we have come to the conclusion that there is a lot more of Jesus to be had. We ask daily for Christ to increase within us, to expand our love, to enlarge our faith, and to increase our strength, courage, and daring. We want to make sure that there isn't one single crumb of promise that was blood-purchased at the Cross that goes unrecognized. So, this naturally begs the question, "Is our request and expectancy for more actually in concert with Scripture?"

The Blood

Sunday, March 28, 2010
The blood of Christ is efficacious, which means it is able to perform on our behalf—it is downright, supernaturally effective. It can and will accomplish everything God promises that it will. And God’s promises regarding the blood of Jesus Christ are rather amazing!

The 38th Parallel

Sunday, January 30, 2011
The 38th Parallel is an internationally instituted boundary line between two hostile nations, North Korea and South Korea. If a soldier of either side takes one wrong step into the territory of the other, it's instant death. This line marks a demarcation between two kingdoms, two value systems, two agendas, two opposing powers, and has historically meant the lifelong separation of loved ones. Like this earthly boundary line, there is a spiritual equivalent in the Line of Blood that divides the two opposed kingdoms of Heaven and Hell. For the kingdom of Heaven to thrive on earth, this line must be guarded with all vigilance. In fact, how we monitor the 38th Parallel in our spiritual lives will define whether it will be Heaven or Hell that will ultimately hold sway over our earthly bodies. This is war!