The 7 Principles of Ellerslie Thought and Practice

The Ellerslie Statement of Faith
The 7 Principles of Ellerslie Thought and Practice
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The 7 Principles of Ellerslie Thought and Practice


God is after a people. And we believe that the Lamb that was slain is worthy of the reward of His suffering. He is worthy of all the glory and all the honor, and therefore, we desire to bring the pure, unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ to this world as our means of giving Him His due, expressing our sincere love and devotion, and in hopes of seeing the purchase of the Cross fully realized.


We believe that the eternal Word of Truth is sacred and should be treated with the utmost reverence. However, it is under attack in our day on a number of fronts. We believe that Scripture is the primary directive for the church of Jesus Christ and, therefore, must be defended and preserved. Under the unction of the Holy Spirit, we believe it has the efficacy to transform the heart and enable the believer to fully live its precepts. As a result, we don’t just teach the Scriptures, but how others might rightly divide them, live out their grand themes, and fight to protect their integrity.


We believe that God’s model for passing the baton of Truth is through the means of discipleship. While the Bible school classroom is a wonderful vehicle for teaching Truth, we believe that the Word of God is also meant to be conveyed through the process of intensive, personal discipleship: reproving sin, correcting error and training how to live a life which glorifies and pleases God.


We believe that all soul-transforming work happens as a result of prayer. Indeed, the greatest need in the world today is praying saints! People who know how to lay hold of heaven; who refuse to let go until their heart-wrenching cry for souls is answered; who understand what it means to devote large portions of time to the energizing work of wrestling prayer.


We believe that the First Century Church was a vibrant community which operated under an authority structure handcrafted by God, led by on-fire saints of God, where believers were held to a high standard of life, where believers humbled themselves to God and to each other, where Jesus Christ alone was exalted, where people truly loved and honored each other. We are committed to create such a community at Ellerslie.


We hold to the fact that unless those that know the Truth actually live the Truth, expound the Truth, preach the Truth, publish the Truth, and teach the Truth, that according to God’s economy, there will be a famine of Truth in our generation. Therefore, we labor to not only preach the Truth to those that are in our midst, but those that we cannot reach physically as well. Through whatever form of media God may design, we will make the Truth of Christ’s Kingdom felt, heard, and known, by the Grace of our God.


Jesus Christ was Love incarnate, moving through wretched humanity, sacrificially giving of Himself to meet the enormous need around Him. As emissaries of Christ, it is our privilege to carry on His ministry to the orphaned, widowed, poor, imprisoned, oppressed, enslaved, and outcast. It is our job and privilege, as we labor in the Father’s business, to be Christ’s hands and feet to such as these.