Are you planning a visit and want to know what is
happening on the Ellerslie Campus?

Every day of the year (minus a couple holidays) we are actively offering spiritual discipleship and training—and when you book a room on the Ellerslie Campus, you are able to take advantage of our training for the time you are here.

  • Join us for our morning Daily Thunder (exhortation with prayer and worship)
  • Join us for practical training and discipleship classes (see below for details)
  • Take advantage of our environment for a personal retreat or use one of our self-guided studies to give direction and definition to your time
  • Consider bringing a group with you to the campus and join in our daily training or provide a retreat, conference, or event of your own (learn more about booking a group)


Daily Thunder (8:15-9:20am)

We encourage you to arrive around 7:45am at the campus, get on your knees, and spiritually prepare for battle. The thunder begins to roll at 8:15am sharp. During the week, it is usually Eric Ludy or Nathan Johnson doing the talking, but don’t be surprised to see a special guest every now and again. After about 30–40 minutes of classic Ellerslie oomph, we stop the stream and transition into a time of prayer and worship for those who are here in person. There is simply no better way to start out the day. Learn more about the Daily Thunder.

Daily Sessions + Studies (9:30-11:30am)

We offer a daily class, Monday through Friday, on a variety of topics, themes, and subjects. Each week, one of our instructors teaches a class focused on a specific topic. Though the class progresses each day, if you are in town, we invite you to join us for the class, or if the topic interests you, consider attending for the entire week. The schedule of weekly themes and instructors are listed in the calendar below.

Afternoon + Evening Options

Depending on the week, we sometimes offer special afternoon impromptu Q&A time with members of our staff and instructors, bonus classes and studies, and other surprise additions to the schedule. Several evenings throughout the week also have classes, ministry opportunities, prayer times, fellowship, and other activities that you are welcome to participate in. While we don’t put all of these on the calendar below, a complete weekly schedule is available when you check-in on campus.