Building Christ-Centered Men

A Powerful Experience for Fathers and Sons and Men of All Ages

An 8-session online experience for fathers/sons and men of all ages with pastor and bestselling author, Eric Ludy.

This is more than an online course. It’s a life-altering journey to discover God’s epic intention for masculinity and biblical sexuality. If you are a father seeking to pass on a healthy pattern for sexuality to your sons or a man of any age who needs a clear vision for the way God created you as a man … this program is a game changer!

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This program is for

Fathers who want to pass on a healthy model of sexuality to their sons.

Fathers and sons to walk through a life-changing experience together.

Men who need a clear pattern for how to honor God in their sexuality.

Men who want to catch a God-inspired vision for their masculinity.

Men's groups who want powerful life-changing truth to experience together.

About Eric Ludy

Eric Ludy has been laboring in front-lines Christian leadership for more than two decades. He serves as President of Ellerslie Mission Society and is the lead instructor at Ellerslie Discipleship Training. Eric’s Daily Thunder podcast and sermons are heard by thousands around the world each week.

Eric and his wife, Leslie, are the authors of nearly thirty books which have sold over a  million copies and been translated into a dozen languages around the world.  They are well-known for their book When God Writes Your Love Story (published in 1998), which still ranks as one of the top-selling Christian relationship books of all time. Eric and Leslie have been married over twenty-five years and have six children, four of whom were adopted. 

Join me in the ultimate manly adventure!

The Honorable Manhood program was originally designed for my own son’s “boy to man” training. Most of us as men were not given a healthy vision for our masculinity from our own fathers, and therefore, we often go through most of our adult life feeling confused, ashamed, or controlled by our sexuality. But when we as men truly catch hold of God’s epic vision and purpose for our manhood – watch out world! If you are a father who is wondering how to communicate to your growing son about his sexuality, or if you are man in any season of life who needs a clear vision for your masculinity, I hope you’ll join me for this powerful, life-altering program.

Program Overview

The Honorable Manhood Program introduces a man to the sizable calling he has received from God. It powerfully enunciates the unique and extraordinary make-up of his physical body, bringing surprising inspiration and clarity for right and honorable living. It digs deep into the practicals of how a man is designed by God to control both his body and his mind and bring them under subjection. And it showcases the deeply inspiring loveliness of a man and a woman’s undeniable fittedness one to the other and precisely why God designed a man and a woman uniquely.

Before we begin the official training, we’ll have a pow-wow man-to-man. In this pre-session we will walk through an introduction to the 8 sessions of training, the reasonable expectations you should have for the time together, a quick introduction to the key vocabulary terms that I will be employing, and a glance at the strategy I use to communicate this uniquely challenging material. This session will definitely inspire you.

The first session in the training goes to the 50,000 foot level and gives an overview of the significance of the journey we are embarking upon. I talk through the history of the material and why we are delivering it. I describe the “three things I want for my son more than anything else.” This episode sets the stage and gets everyone’s mouth-watering for the steak dinner ahead.

The second session of training dives into some of the most problematic ideas behind the sexuality of man, wrestles them to the ground, and pins them. Addressing the make-up of the man’s body, the architecture of his mind and thought-life, and the powerful tools at his disposal to turn these hostile elements into allies in his commission to change the world for Jesus Christ. This session is probably the most famous amongst all the sessions. It’s definitely a message with a five o’clock shadow.

I don’t want to give away what TCTTH is, because that would spoil the fun of session #3, but I can say that it is really REALLY good stuff. In this session, we drill down into the profound creation of femininity and how it perfectly matches the man. It’s amazing that such a fun and exciting topic can be God-glorifying.

The fourth session is summed up in its rather descriptive title. The word “sex” is likely the most misused word on planet earth. And with the way that the Devil throws the word around you would begin to think that he created it. However, this message will put that notion into a stranglehold until the entire audience hears its cries for mercy. Sex is God’s territory. He invented it. He knows it better than anyone. And if we let Him define it – it regains its glistening heavenly wonder once again.

The fifth session dives into the deep waters of a man’s purpose, exposing the simple fact that he, the man, is built by God to take the lowest place. He’s built to suffer for others. He’s built to lay down his life. Jesus Christ showed us, in His thirty-three years of powerful living, the model of manful purpose. He was the first-sufferer, the first-to-die. He showed us an unparalleled picture of majesty, that when studied, takes one’s breath away.

This session explores the concept of love, but from a man’s perspective. When men think of love, they often are very one-dimensional, when, in fact, there are five heavenly loves that a man must understand, cultivate, and grow stronger in and throughout his life.

Session seven is where we put on our black face paint and yell “Hoorah!” This is where we delve into the key construct of how a man is uniquely constructed to endure pain and difficulty with honor and joy. A true man doesn’t back away from a challenge but smiles at it. This is a message that, if properly digested, leads to a version of masculinity that leaves the world staring back in awe and wonder.

The eighth session is designed to move men into a position of readiness. The word “rescue” stirs us as men, but few of us ever learn how to actually do the real-world work of rescuing. This message presses the play button in your soul and gets the cinematic drama of your life started. Make sure you grab some popcorn, because it’s going to be a grand adventure to watch.

Simply put, it's 8 power-packed sessions that will change your life forever.

God created you as a man on purpose.
Discover His epic vision for your life as a husband, father, and man of God.
Train up the next generation in Christ-built masculinity.
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How the program works

When you register, for a donation of any amount, you’ll receive access (usually within 24 hours) to the entire program.

Each video session runs roughly 45 minutes to an hour in length and can be viewed individually or with a group. In these uniquely powerful messages, Eric Ludy unpacks the Honorable Manhood curriculum that he developed for his own sons.

I truly hope you’ll join me for this amazing experience!  — Eric Ludy

Discover God's vision for you as a husband, father, and man of God.

Honorable Manhood FAQS

Men of all ages can absolutely participate! While the program was originally designed as a tool for fathers to teach godly masculinity to their coming-of-age sons, men in all seasons of life have been greatly blessed and personally benefited by this powerful material.

Some of that is discretionary, but, I would recommend your son be at least 12 years old. Since every boy begins physically maturing at a different age, it sometimes can be good to delay a little longer. But, this “readiness” is something that a parent usually has an instinct for. Go with that instinct.

Absolutely. Quite a few fathers with older sons in their twenties have done this program together and it has been proven very beneficial and edifying.

No. This training has deeply impacted men from ages 12 to 70+.

This material has been purposely crafted to preserve purity and integrity of mind. The visuals of physical sexuality are not photographic in nature, nor are they inappropriately suggestive. The strength of this training is that it introduces a young man to very mature ideas in a very pure and noble way.

Yes. A leader’s guide is available for download in the membership area.

Since the program is for a donation of any amount, we would request that rather than passing around your personal login details, that you just have them register themselves to receive their own login to the program.

It is not designed for a woman, but, a married woman would likely be greatly edified in understanding this content.

Father’s are super-special characters in a young boy’s life – and dearly needed. But, as we know, a father is not always there for a young boy to take him by the hand as he navigates this all-important season of becoming a man. There are two possibilities for addressing this dilemma.

— You can find a surrogate father from your home community to stand in that fatherly place. This stand-in father can register for the training program and help to father your son through this material.

— Nathan Johnson, one of Ellerslie’s favorite pastors and my cherished armor-bearer, is potentially available to be a stand-in mentor and walk your son through this material from a distance. Please contact us to discuss this option in more detail.

We are now offering Honorable Manhood as a “lifetime” access (meaning for as long as Ellerslie and/or the internet is around). So when you donate, you’ll have on-going access to the content and be able to return to it as often as you’d like.

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