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Could there possibly be anything redeeming in studying World War I? After all, this cataclysmic event boasts a terrifying storyline that toppled empires, maimed millions, wiped out an entire generation of young men, and was the sponsor of some of the greatest evils this world has ever known. Along with the death camps of WWII, the trenches on the front lines of WWI were probably one of the most terrible places in all history for a human to be. The world we live in today still bears the marks of this struggle. However, buried amid the rubble of this terrible four-year crisis are countless lessons to instruct the soul. There is beauty found in this ash heap if one is willing to dig.

The reason this particular series has been put together is to help better steer the Christian through seasons of suffering and agony, seasons of global advancement and change, and seasons of seeming hopelessness. WWI has an immense treasure store of life-wisdom packaged inside its violent, bloody folds. If we as the Church are to navigate through the 21st century with grace and triumph, then we ought to draw the amazing supply of grace and triumph from the vault of this chief event of the 20th century.

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A 42-Part Series

This series has been designed to help Christians through seasons of suffering and agony, seasons of global advancement and change, and seasons of seeming hopelessness.

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Spiritual Lessons from WW1
Few people know but scant facts about this cataclysmic event, and yet it was this event, more than any other, that shaped the modern world in which we live.
Spiritual Lessons from WW1
In an epoch when weak men led great countries, it should come as no surprise that weak decisions were made to great consequence. WW1 offers those sorts of lessons that can be best learned through struggle, pain, and immense sacrifice.
Spiritual Lessons from WW1
History, when approached with a spiritual eye, is generous to supply ample truth by which to tutor the human soul.
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