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Abraham Lincoln lived during what was likely the darkest hour in America’s history. Though that may seem hard to believe for those of us that are alive today and witnessing the wasting away of the America we love, Antebellum America (as it has been referred to since the Civil War) was an age of great darkness, division, and violence. There are a thousand lessons that emerge out of this challenging time in our great history. But, it’s the spiritual lessons that I want to draw on for this series.  How can we as Christians in a day and age, not altogether that far removed from those Antebellum days, successfully navigate through our own civil derangements and spiritual and moral meltdowns to eternally impact an anti-Christian world for the glory of Jesus Christ?  Buckle your spiritual seat belts as we head back to an age when hope seemed lost and the seeds for a great Civil War were beginning to sprout with devilish petals and poisonous thorns.

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A 14-Part Series

There are a thousand lessons that emerge out of this challenging time in our great history. But, it’s the spiritual lessons that I want to draw on for this series.

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Spiritual Lessons from Abe Lincoln's America
Our nation has always gained strength through the tempest. A fact that would be wise to remember right now.
Spiritual Lessons from Abe Lincoln's America
Abe Lincoln’s America showed identical patterns of the national decomposition we are witnessing today in modern America. But it can also show us a pattern of moral restoration and personal heroism that, if taken to heart, could dramatically redirect the current course our country.
Spiritual Lessons from Abe Lincoln's America
This series profoundly reveals the repetitive cycle of history. The modern era boasts the “Woke” crowd, while The Antebellum era had the “Wide Awakes”. It goes to show that there really is “nothing new under the sun.”
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