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If you caught Eric’s 93-part series in 2020 on World War II, then you will love this.  In the year 871, the evil Vikings appeared to be the unstoppable new rulers of the Isle of Britain, but, against all odds, King Alfred of Wessex stood up and faced this encroaching evil head-on.  In history, Alfred is considered “great” not because he was a powerful man, nor because he was a rich man, but because he was a man that stared at dramatic impossibilities and believed that God was able to overcome.  As the powers of darkness sweep across our beloved nation with malevolent intent, it is our hope that the Church regain its ancient swagger and freshly rally to the Cross of Christ, brandishing the ancient spiritual weaponry entrusted to us at Pentecost.  May men and women like Alfred once again arise to meet the Viking invasion.

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A 21-Part Series

May men and women like Alfred once again arise to meet the Viking Invasion.

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Spiritual Lessons from Alfred the Great
Alfred the Great and King Arthur are not one and the same. You mustn’t mix them up. One was a truly extraordinary man, the other was merely cheap fodder for fascinating literature.
Spiritual Lessons from Alfred the Great
The life of King Alfred is utterly remarkable. In fifty years he accomplished more than most could accomplish in fifty lifetimes.
Spiritual Lessons from Alfred the Great
The epic storyline of Alfred showcases a startling Gospel power.
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