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A Daily Thunder Series by Nathan Johnson

About the Series

A study in the preeminence of Christ

Jesus Christ is to have first place in all things. This concept of preeminence is essential for every believer and is central to Paul’s letter to the Colossians. Join Nathan Johnson in this fourteen-part study examining the book of Colossians and how Jesus is to be first in every aspect and arena of our lives.  As a fun bonus, Nathan provides study guides for each lesson to help you learn how to study the Bible for yourself as you walk through this powerful series.

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A 14-Part Series

The preeminence of Christ must return to the focal point of our lives … and in this series, not only does Nathan lift high Jesus Christ in each message, but clearly explains how you can do so in your life as well.

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While Daily Thunder is available for free online, many people love having each series organized in one location with easy access to the notes, the audiobook format, and any bonus content that was produced. The retail value for this curated course is $27, but we have decided to make it available for a donation of any amount. Our desire is to help reduce the financial barrier so you can use this series to grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus Christ and your understanding to His Word. And by donating, you help support the work and ministry of Ellerslie. So whether you are able to donate $5 or $50, every dollar is a blessing that allows us to continue sharing the message of Jesus Christ around the world and offering these resources to as many as possible.

All of Christ in All Things
The book of Colossians is a powerful letter focused on the centrality of Jesus Christ … and how we can make Him the focus of every area of our lives.
All of Christ in All Things
My desire in this series is not merely to teach you a few good lessons from Colossians — I want you to experience the power of God’s Word yourself. As such, I’ve created study guides for you to study along with me as we walk through Paul’s incredible letter.
All of Christ in All Things
Does Jesus truly have first place in every area of your life?
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