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World War II was an epic tale. And I am like a moth to the flame of any and all things epic. I have always been fascinated by history, the events, the people, and the human challenge. But, war history, for some reason, stands out to me and deeply attracts my soul — bidding me to study it and to somehow try and comprehend it.

In the early 90’s I used to teach classes on the Civil War — and loved it. In 2018, my intrigue for war was renewed and it led to an in-depth study of WWI and WWII.

If you asked me, “Eric, why are you so interested in all this war stuff?” I would say, “Listen to this series and you will find out.” When I study war, I understand how to live more robustly as a godly man. I pray they will inspire you toward vibrant Christian living.

Here’s to going after the epic!

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A 93-Part Series

1933–1939 The Rise of Hitler

A great evil is afoot; surreptitiously positioning itself to plunder the liberty of nations, to annihilate the weak, and destroy whatever is left of decency and goodwill in this earth. Meanwhile, good men all over the world turn a blind eye to this malevolent and insidious power and do nothing.

1940 Alone in the Darkest Hour

What Hitler wants, Hitler gets. One after another, the once-powerful nations of Europe fall to the overwhelming martial force of Germany. By June of 1940, only one nation remains standing against this awful power.

1941 The Overplay of Evil

Hitler’s and Hirohito’s craven lust for land lead them to plunge into territories that might have been better left undisturbed. And as a result, the Bear of Russia and the Eagle of America are stirred from their long winter nap and deeply angered.

1942 Lighting the Torch

Hitler’s death camps open for business, meanwhile the tide turns in the Pacific theater and the Torch is lit in North Africa.

1943 The Steel-Toed Boot

Mussolini falls, Italy switches sides, the Battle of Atlantic become critical, while the Allies scramble up the Boot of Italy.

1944 Piercing the Atlantic Wall

Two-and-a-half years in the making, the monstrous Allied attack on the Normandy coastline commences and the momentous breakthrough is finally achieved.

1945 Onward to Victory

Hitler falls, Hiroshima explodes, and victory sounds. But in the midst of this extraordinary comeback victory are the political maneuverings of another evil and the sudden death of one of the world’s most important leaders. The world is radically saved from the terrors of WWII ... only to plunge into a war of a very different kind. A cold war.

This powerful and riveting series draws amazing parallels between this epic time period in history and the victorious Christian life. More than interesting history, Eric uses the events of WWII to unpack soul-transforming truths that will leave you forever changed.

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Spiritual Lessons from WWII
When a great evil again rises to destroy all that is good, decent, and right — will we have been made ready, as was Churchill, to stand up and resist?
Spiritual Lessons from WWII
When all seems lost in your life — when all seems hopeless and dark — remember Great Britain in 1940 and remember that God always has an answer to the forecast of pending doom.
Spiritual Lessons from WWII
We shouldn’t wait to cultivate our prayer life until we are outgunned, outmanned, and outwitted. That said, if you are in such a desperate state, as Great Britain was in 1940, don’t hesitate for a moment to fall on your knees and call heavenward. You may be shocked to find out how interested our God is in coming to your aid.
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