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Despite a bit of wind in the background, this first episode in the special "Live Lessons from Israel" takes you to the location of Samson and Delilah. Nathan Johnson teaches about the life of compromise we see in Samson and contrasts that with how we are called to live as Christians. For a video version of this podcast, please see the shownotes for this episode. If you'd like to read a daily update of the trip (with pictures) - check out: https://deeperchristian.com/category/israel-study-tour-2019-daily-overview/ … for information about the next Israel Study Tour with Nathan Johnson, please visit: https://deeperchristian.com/israel listen
This is a fun and unique Daily Thunder episode that kind of stands alone. Eric gives his thoughts about the Kendrick’s upcoming movie release, Overcomer, and dishes out some powerful teaching about “identity” simultaneously. listen
In this special edition Daily Thunder, Eric Ludy interviews Nathan Johnson about the upcoming Israel Study Tour starting Monday. Nathan is taking a group of 30 people to Israel to study the Bible in the locations where it took place. To follow updates and see pictures throughout the trip, visit Nathan's website at deeperChristian.com. For more information about joining Nathan on a future Study Tour to Israel, please visit: https://deeperchristian.com/israel listen
This the fourth and final installment in Eric’s mini-series entitled Reminders from Joshua Harris. In this episode he puts his finger on the idea of “cool" Christianity and how the pursuit of it is rotting the foundations of true Christianity away. It’s time for the bold return of the dunces - Christians that esteem the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt (Heb 11:26). listen
The King has come! In this episode of the "Saga of Scripture" series, Nathan Johnson talks about Jesus coming as the Messiah and walks through His birth, life and ministry, death, and resurrection … and explains the significance of the coming King of the Kingdom in our lives. listen
This the third installment in Eric’s mini-series entitled Reminders from Joshua Harris.In this episode he grabs ahold of the global theme of God’s providence and blends it strategically into the current challenges facing the Church of Jesus Christ. And in so doing, reminds us that God always does His best and most glorious work when the situation seems the bleakest and most desperate. The Church is weak at present, but is that not the very stage upon which God has promised to showcase His Almighty strength? listen
You are forgiven! You are redeemed! We know these words well and sing them often, but we often miss the significance of what these words mean in light of all God has done for us in Christ Jesus. In Ephesians 1:7-8 Paul declares that we are blessed because the precious blood of Christ was given for our forgiveness and redemption. In this expositional study in Ephesians, Nathan Johnson expounds upon these incredible verses and helps us understand what it means to live in the reality of being forgiven and redeemed by Jesus. listen
This is the second installment in Eric’s Daily Thunder mini-series entitled, Reminders from Joshua Harris. Many Christians are currently struggling to swallow the recent revelations from Joshua Harris regarding the disintegration of both his marriage and his faith. But, in this time of grief, God desires to take what the enemy is meaning for evil, and turn it for good within the Church. Times of crisis are often the best moments to remember the goodness and faithfulness of God. This particular episode focuses on one of Eric’s favorite Biblical themes, the idea of Twos. And the applicability of this truth to this current debacle is beautiful and profound. listen
With the drama encircling Joshua Harris’ divorce and his recent renouncement of faith, Eric Ludy is desiring to see God turn to good what the enemy is meaning for evil in the Church of Jesus Christ at present. This message about fatherhood is an elixir to the Body of Christ as it faces this strange meltdown of one of its beloved leaders. listen
"The Saga of Scripture" continues with the study of the Intertestamental Period (the 400 year time between the end of the Old Testament and the coming of Christ in the New). Though we often call these years the "400 years of silence" it truly was a time when it was anything but silent. In this study, Nathan Johnson examines four key characters that greatly influenced that time period and set the stage for Jesus Christ to come upon the scene—and asks the question of how are we personally "waiting"? listen