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In the sixth episode of the Glossary of the Gospel series, Eric Ludy walks us through the entryway into the fullness of the Christian life. In order for us to partake of God's incredible love, intimacy, and righteousness, we must first enter by faith into Jesus Christ. Throughout this episode, Eric uses a simple but powerful hand-drawn illustration that you too can use to understand the Gospel yourself and communicate it to others. To download the notes and drawing Eric used in the message, please visit the show notes: https://www.ellerslie.com/daily-thunder/podcast/the-entryway-glossary-of-the-gospel-6-eric-ludy. listen
Walk into nearly any church and it won't take long before you hear the words "grace" and "peace" being thrown around – yet most of us don't understand the depths of those two words are. In Paul's salutation and introduction in Ephesians, he uses the common greeting of his day ("grace" to the Greeks and Romans, and "peace" for the Jews) but packs this phrase with spiritual depth, describing his desire for the Christians in Asia Minor … that they would experience the fullness of God's grace and as a result, His peace in their lives. In this expositional Bible study of Ephesians 1:1-2, we examine Paul's greeting and his passionate desire that we live with Christ as the center and fullness of our lives. listen
In this, the fifth episode of Eric’s Glossary of the Gospel series, he focuses on one singular glossary word – cross. In understanding the Cross of Jesus Christ, a Christian can understand the most center of all central doctrines. The Cross is the epicenter of all history, the epicenter of all Scripture, the epicenter of all doctrine, and the epicenter of a Christian's life and power.  listen
PODCAST | May 19, 2019
Morning Has Broken (Eric Ludy)
This is a unique and powerful message showcasing the transfer of the human soul from the kingdom of darkness unto the Kingdom of the dear Son. By demonstrating the vast difference between the biblical characters of Ahaz and his son Hezekiah - this epic transfer of life is beautifully seen. The conclusion: we all need to repent of our Ahaz behavior (our old man) and allow the behavior of Hezekiah (a similitude to Christ Jesus) to take over. listen
We are in a spiritual battle – and too many Christians wait until destruction, downfall, or depression hits before dealing with the enemy. Yet if we desire to triumph, our spiritual warfare shouldn't merely be responsive but rather tactical and preemptive. In this thought-provoking message, Dan McConnaughey (a former army ranger) uses physical warfare as a lens to view our spiritual warfare. He explains that we either give the enemy too much credit and don't live as true believers in the circumstances God has allowed in our lives, or we fail to see and handle the breaches that leave a door open to the enemy. We are called, as Dan describes, to live "left of bang" in true spiritual awareness and readiness. listen
This is part two to Eric Ludy’s Friday morning series called The Gospel Toolkit. In this episode, Eric focuses on the profound work the Holy Spirit plays in the epic transfer of the human soul from death unto life by showing a lost soul precisely what is needed for their remedy. When the Holy Spirit of God is awakening someone to their spiritual impoverishment, His goal is not to just prove to them their great need, but the fact that He alone, in the Person of Jesus Christ, is the One that can truly meet their deepest need. listen
The first two chapters of Genesis provide an incredible foundation for God's desire for not only the world but His people. As God establishes His kingdom on earth – with a focus on the King Himself – we discover that as humans, we were made to represent and shine forth the glory of the King to creation. In this second study on the "Saga of Scripture," we examine the creation account, why there was "evening and morning" every day of creation except the 7th, the purpose of humanity, and even see a picture of redemption and the work of Christ in the days of creation. Join Nathan in this Bible survey study series of seeing Jesus in all of Scripture. listen
In this the fourth episode of Eric Ludy’s series on the Glossary of the Gospel he tackles this most central and salient theme of Jesus Christ’s God-ness. The significance of this awesome fact in the framework of building a believer strong is as essential as a foundation is to a house. If Jesus isn’t God then the infrastructure, power, and ability of Christ to save erodes away. For it is only God who can save this lost and dying world from their sin. In this message, Eric lays out some of the most basic Biblical reasoning points that shed light and understanding towards the man, Jesus of Nazareth. The Bible makes it clear that He was, indeed, a man. But, it also makes it clear that, though Jesus was a man, He was so much more than a man. He was and still is and evermore will be, God Almighty. listen
Though it may sound like a simple introduction, Paul's prologue (Ephesians 1:1-2) sets the foundation for the entire book of Ephesians. He declares that he is an apostle of Jesus Christ by God's will and that he is writing to the saints (holy set-apart ones who have the life of Christ within) and believers in Ephesus. In this expositional Bible study, we examine the keywords of this passage and show how Paul is arguing that our entire lives would be wrapped up and defined by Jesus Christ. listen
As the third installment in Eric Ludy’s Glossary of the Gospel series, this episode focuses on the place the Scriptures must claim in the life of a believer. When as a newborn Christian we take our initial steps forward in faith, it is essential that we learn to have a right relationship with the Biblical Text. For as believers, we are not to lift ourselves above the Text as if we know better, nor are we to reason as if we are an equal with it and as if its opinions are at the same level with our own. Instead, we are to find that place of utter servitude and dependence beneath the Glorious Text of Scripture, laying down all argumentation and accepting that the Text is right even when we don’t yet fully understand it. Why? Because in yielding to the Word of God in Text, we are giving Jesus, the Word of God in Person, His rightful place of Kingship and Lordship over our life.     listen