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It seems like a lot of great enterprises started in someone’s garage. But, alas, Ellerslie didn’t start in a garage. Rather, it started inside a young man’s heart. In the summer of 1992, Eric Ludy was grappling with a deep longing to have a “gray haired father of the Christian faith” take him under his wing and disciple him in the lion-hearted faith native to the Christian martyrs of old. He looked around for a place that would enable him to visibly watch the behavior of real Christian living accompanied by the impartation of personalized and vigorous instruction in the life of the Cross. Ludy, even back then, was a no-nonsense guy. He wanted Truth spoken straight. He wanted someone to tell him if he was living wrong. He wanted someone to help him know how to live right. He wanted to learn how to pray—really pray. He wanted to be instructed in how to rightly handle the text of Scripture. And he wanted to know if overcoming the temptation to sin was a hope and dream or an actual benefit of the life in Jesus Christ. However, though this yearning was strong, Eric Ludy didn’t know how to make it a reality. So, after another frustrating and prayerful bout of longing on this subject, he picked up a piece of paper and a pen in June of 1992 and began to enunciate the very thing which he himself was longing for. Twenty or so pages later, he had written out the vision of what we now know as Ellerslie Discipleship Training. But this vision wasn’t realized immediately.

Eric was married in 1994 to a young passionate Christian woman named Leslie Runkles. Both Eric and Leslie had a fervent desire to bring true Biblical discipleship back to the Church. Unbeknownst to them at the time of their wedding, their unique love story, hallmarked by an other-worldly purity, would cause their names to be known all over the world and set the stage for an international ministry to open up.

For over a decade, Eric and Leslie Ludy traveled the world challenging the church to submit to the triumphant pattern of Jesus Christ. During this time they became leading voices in the Christian community with multiple best-selling books and standing- room-only crowds attending their stirring events. But, amidst all this travel, the original burden that they shared on their wedding day for the return of personal discipleship within the Church only heightened inside them both.

In January of 2004 they took the bold step out of the familiar speaking circuit and into an unfamiliar full-time pursuit of building the vision that Eric Ludy had penned so many years earlier.

On May 31st, 2010 the doors to what is now called Ellerslie Discipleship Training opened and the first class arrived, wide-eyed and expectant, in Windsor, Colorado. At the initial banquet night, Eric Ludy walked up onto the stage, looked out over the first student body and, staggered at the profound revelation of God’s faithfulness before him, began to openly weep before the students. It had taken seventeen long, pain-filled, arduous years of wrestling prayer, but the impossible vision had become a living breathing reality.

A place had begun that men and women, with the same burning desire as the young Eric Ludy, could go and be trained in bold, bravehearted Christian living.

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is a 20 week intensive discipleship program in a beautiful set apart environment in Northern Colorado. The program is split into two parts. The first twelve weeks are spent on-campus with daily training in practical Christian discipleship—in Scripture, prayer, the Gospel, evangelism, victorious living, honor, and more. The last eight weeks of training are spent back at home where you transition from what you learned on-campus and implement it into your day-to-day life while still learning, being held accountable, and being encouraged by the staff.
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picks up where the Ellerslie Discipleship Training left off. For those who want additional training, the Ellerslie Practicum is a one to two year additional training in prayer and evangelism in what we call the “praying and confessing life.” Students live on-campus, work full-time jobs in Northern Colorado, attend weekday classes, and spend their lives in prayer, evangelism, discipleship, and ministry.
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Ellerslie is a part of a coalition of bravehearted Christian ministries that desire to mentor and raise up up a new generation of humble, godly, servant-hearted Christians that stand boldly for truth; live holy lives; serve the destitute, weak, and needy; preach with unction; pray with fervor; and willing to lay down their lives to see true Biblical Christianity return to the stage of time. Jesus Christ is our focus and aim, the Word of God our foundation, joy and love is our defining characteristics, and the glory of God our sole purpose.


We take a strong stance on the authoritative, inspired, and infallible Word of God and the preeminence of Jesus Christ in all things. Learn more about our statement of faith and answers to key questions about Ellerslie’s beliefs.


Eric and Leslie Ludy are the founders of Ellerslie Discipleship Training, Ellerslie Mission Society, Set Apart Living, and its family of ministries including Set Apart Girl, Set Apart Motherhood, and Bravehearted. Bestselling authors and speakers who have published nearly two dozen books, Eric and Leslie have shared their message around the country, overseas, and on virtually every conceivable Christian media platform for the last twenty years. As a strong voice in the Church today, the Ludys’ poignant books and powerful messages present a clarion call to a return to triumphant, Bible-centered, Christ-empowered Christianity. Learn more about Eric and Leslie Ludy, their books, ministries, and message.




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